Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sandi Lee Featured Red Cross Volunteer

Red Cross Featured Volunteer: Sandi Lee Special Points of Interest: • Featured Volunteer: Sandi Lee • Red Cross Holiday Office Gathering • Mental Health: ERT Meeting, Tuesday January 10th • Masters in Disaster & Emergency Management NOVA SCOTIA REGION CENTRAL DISTRICT VOLUME 1, I S SUE 2 DECEMBER 2011 Rapid response is an essential quality in Disaster Management and if you want to see just how rapid a person can be, have a look at the life of Sandi Lee. Sandi's typical week sees her parenting her three young children with husband Pat in their Fall River home, building her new career as a real estate agent with Century 21 A.B.C. Realty and on weekends helping her clients at Kara's Urban Hair & Day Spa. Originally from Vancouver, Sandi loves Nova Scotia because of its natural beauty and the warmth of the people. "I love being around people and Nova Scotians are such welcoming folks," says Sandi. Whether it's styling hair or helping people find a new home or assisting in times of trouble with the Red Cross, you learn so much by connecting with people. It's very fulfilling." In a way, Sandi's journey from West to East has brought her career fullcircle. Before opening a hair salon with her sister in Vancouver, Sandi worked for several years as a Legal assistant in a busy real estate development law firm. "I've always loved the energy of new construction because you are helping shape not only a family's future home, but the future of the community itself and I find that very gratifying." Family, home, friends and community are all essential qualities in the busy life of Sandi Lee, our Volunteer of the Month.

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  1. red cross Volunteer plays important role in red cross because they you are helping shape not only a family's future home, but the future of the community itself also Halifax Red Cross